We offer different experiences based on Kizomba dance and Coaching:

What we offer:

  • Kizomba Workshops / Bootcamps / Private lessons
  • Company events/ Teambuilding
  • Coaching (body, mind & soul)
  • Retreats, in the Netherlands and abroad
  • Ceremonies

An impression of our future event Kizomba Holiday Retreat in Tenerife (Sept. 2024)

An impression of our last Kizomba in 1 Afternoon Bootcamp

Impression of one of our previous retreats in Rhenen: Deal with your emotions

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Holistic therapies used by our coaches

We help you deepen your connection, both with yourself and with others. Through body expression you discover the feeling of breaking free from excessive thinking, freeing you to embrace your emotions. Our working method goes beyond dancing; it combines the graceful art of Kizomba with meaningful ceremonies and intuitive holistic practices to connect you more easily and deeply with your desires.


Body-Mind-Soul methodologies

This technique combines meditation, mindfulness, body expression and pleasure. It is a wonderful way to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others that involves both our body and mind. Our body is considered a source of wisdom and the gateway to our emotions and experiences. Bodywork helps us become aware of these sensations and use them as a guide to self-discovery and growth. By becoming aware of our body language and that of others, we can reach deeper levels of communication and understanding.


Energy and sound therapies

Singing bowls are bowls used for meditation, relaxation and healing. They produce sounds and vibrations when struck or rotated with a stick. These sounds are often used for meditative purposes and to promote a sense of calm and well-being. Singing bowls have been used for centuries in various spiritual and healing practices, mainly in Asian cultures such as those in Tibet, India and Nepal.

Holistic massage therapy

Holistic massage is a nurturing touch that involves the whole person and affects all levels, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This massage is an invitation to consciously feel your body, exactly as it is at that moment. It provides space to investigate how you are really doing and what is palpable within you. That is why the massage is performed on the part of the body that needs attention at that moment.


Biologically based therapies

The use of plant or other biological materials, including herbal medicines and aromatherapy.
In a ceremonial setting we invite you to experience the healing effect of mild medicinal plants, such as aromatherapy, cocoa ceremony and mystical Blue Lotus Ceremony.

Movement, dance and fun

are powerful forms of self-expression and liberation. We use Kizomba dance elements that allow us to move our bodies freely in connection with others, express emotions and express ourselves in ways that go beyond words. Through movement and dance we can reduce inhibitions, tension and stress. It gives us the opportunity to be in the moment, express our creativity and feel more energetic and alive. Through these practices, we can cultivate our self-awareness, deepen our connections with others, and improve our overall sense of vitality, joy, and well-being.

Sphere impression during our Socials

Door het combineren

van lichaamswerk, lichaamstaal, beweging, dans en plezier, kunnen holistische werkvormen een krachtig instrument zijn voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling, teambuilding en het creëren van een positieve werkomgeving. Ze bevorderen zelfbewustzijn, bevrijden geblokkeerde energieën, verbeteren communicatie en stimuleren een gevoel van vreugde en welzijn. Deze holistische benadering nodigt ons uit om ons lichaam te omarmen als een bron van wijsheid en ons leven te verrijken met spontaneïteit, expressie en plezier.

"If you think less, you can do much more than you thought"


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