Algemene informatie Retraite Vuur (seizoen Zomer) 

The four elements of water, earth, air and fire are the four primal principles from which everything is built according to the old natural religions. They are linked to the four seasons we know: autumn, winter, spring and summer. Together they form the medicine wheel.

Each element and each season has its own themes and challenges. In the past, when people still lived close to and with nature, these themes passed by themselves: in the spring they sowed, harvested in the summer, in the autumn they took stock and in the winter it was a time of rest, after which there was again a new cycle began.


But even today, the four elements and their themes are still applicable. Our society is aimed at being in the fire energy as much as possible. But if your fire burns too long you will burn out. You also need the other elements to find balance in your life.

In these retreats you will learn how you can practically work with these four elements in your life. If you learn to live from this cycle again and cooperate with the four elements, you learn to live again in the rhythm of nature as it was originally intended.


Retreat Fire (season Summer)

Summer is the time of action, doing what you warm up for, putting it down. But also the time of gratitude, being happy with what has already succeeded. Summer and the fire are playful elements, it is also the time to celebrate. The sun gives a lot of energy, but the risk is that you will get tired if you don't really do what your heart is.

Together we organize this unique 2-day retreat, in which we guide you to an emotional experience based on one of the four elements, namely WATER. You will experience transformation into a happier, more confident and more balanced version of yourself.

During this 2-day retreat you will work with several experienced and passionate holistic coaches and dance teachers around element Water. The working methods we use for this consist of;


  • Breathing, meditation/guided visualization
  • Release Rituals
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Bodywork with Kizomba (surrender and setting boundaries). Themes that will be addressed through this form of movement are:
    • leading and following,
    • control and letting go
    • surrender and trust
    • tuning in connection
    • feeling and intuition
    • setting boundaries,
    • moving with, taking and giving space
  • Sound healing with singing bowls
  • Craft of your own Visionboard
  • Sound healing with singing bowls (shaman drum, crystal singing bowl for basic chakra, hand pan)
  • Reiki treatments


Afterwards you take home your own Visionboard that you visualized, created and crafted under the guidance of our creative coach.