General Information Retreat Water (season Autumn) 

With great enthusiasm 💙 we introduce the first retreat "in your element with Water" in a series of four retreats inspired by the 4 elements Water 💧, Earth 🌍, Air ☁️ and fire 🔥.
In the heart of Rhenen, in the very cozy 4 star hotel Paviljoen, we invite you on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October for an enchanting journey.
Together with a team of 5 coaches we will delve into the element 💧 WATER 💧

Why should you join us?

In autumn (element: water) you take stock, how has the past gone, what are you going to let go of, what do you want to keep. After this you enter the winter, the rest period. Water is about connecting with your emotional world, your emotions, letting go of what you no longer need and thus making space. The challenge is not to linger in the sadness but to accept that letting go makes room for happiness.

You discover the art of connecting with your deepest emotions  and learn how to deal with them, which will make you experience transformation into a happier, more confident and more balanced version of yourself.

How do we do this?

During this two-day retreat we create a safe space to connect with your emotions through movement and fun.
We use different techniques for this. We are guided by the healing power of breathing, singing bowls, fun, movement, dance, and other game elements. The tools obtained will go with you as precious treasures into autumn, a season of change. They give you the strength to face challenges and support your personal transformation. 🍂

The working methods we use for this consist of;

  • Meditations/visualization
  • Release techniques
  • Bodywork in interaction with another through a connecting dance such as  a.o. Kizomba.
  • Themes that are addressed through this form of exercise and fun are:
    • lead and follow
    • control and let go
    • surrender and trust
    • tune in connection
    • feeling and intuition
    • indicate boundaries
    • move along, take and give space
  • Sound healing with singing bowls
  • BodyBalance
  • Various Intuitive game methods
  • Creation of your own Vision Board
  • If desired, Cacao Ceremony as floor (click here for more info) for floor

Creation of your own Visionboard:

During this retreat you will also, under the guidance of creative coach Moniek, create  your own vision board  “You can learn to manifest”.

You will experience a lot of new insights during these 2 days; What do you long for? What do you want to achieve in your life? Whether it's about love, work or health - it's scientifically proven that visualizing your dreams helps you realize them. By visualizing your newly acquired insights at a glance, such as with a vision board, you will realize your wishes faster. The idea is that you put your vision board at home in a place where you can see it a lot  so that your brain and  the  universe  start the transformation and manifestation.

All this is offered at a rate of 285 euros, which includes: unlimited delicious coffee, refined tea, refreshingwater and an extensive lunch during this meaningful two-days experience.

Your coaches during this retreat:

We invite you to participate in these two days of meaningful connection and growth. 🌀 
Let's embrace this special journey together!

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