Cacao Ceremonies

What is a Cacao Ceremony? 

The ancient Aztecs also call raw cacao “Yollotl Eztli” or “blood of hearts”.
The tradition of the Cocoa Ceremonies has its roots in Central and South America. The cocoa that we will drink during this ceremony is raw and specially picked and processed for ceremonial use, and comes from Guatemala.

Cocoa is a plant medicine known for being soft, feminine and loving.
She stimulates you to open your heart and strengthens the feeling of connection with yourself and the people around you. It is a "medicine" for your heart on several levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually. Cocoa is healthy, contains many antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc and chromium. Good for our immune system.

In addition to benefits for the body, cocoa also has a positive effect on your mental state. It contains tryptophan that boosts serotonin levels, which in turn gives a blissful, loving and soothing feeling. It also contains substances that are released during a natural high such as dancing / sports and when we are in love.

The cocoa takes us out of our heads with excessive thinking into a natural state of being and feeling and connects us through our intuition with the magic and mysteries of life and our precious mother earth.

Invitation to a sacred raw cacao ceremony

We invite you to open your heart and your potential together with like-minded people in this beautiful healing inner journey. We are then together with a nice group of about 10 participants.

Deva, member of our team, will create a sacred and safe space with you by jointly setting intention, good breathing as a foundation and guided meditation for grounding. During the ceremony Deva uses sound frequencies vibrations as sounds of the voice, light language, singing, shaman drum, channeling and storytelling.
This provides a base for you for healing and activation of your potential and intuition. The raw cocoa and the light language have a heart-opening effect and raise your vibrational frequency. There is room to turn inward and connect with each other. After the ceremony there is room to express your experiences, inspiration and insights, sharing tea, snacks and fruit.


What is light language?

Light language is the language of the soul, a primal language. A soul language that we speak and understand from our hearts. It is not a language that you analyze with your cognition. It is not a masculine language of the word. This is a feminine energy and language. People often experience these sounds as heart-opening and healing, and there is recognition. Like an 'aha' feeling of coming home to yourself. They are crystalline energetic codes that resonate in the soul and open the heart, causing your energy to vibrate to a higher frequency. It is knowing what is being said. Just like love. You don't analyze love. You feel love. Love is light.

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