Individual coaching 

Unconscious patterns and your way of doing things are quickly felt by dancing with you. Together we will experience, name and discuss the tangible.
Often these (unconscious) patterns also affect your daily work and private life. Studying your movement, we will look together for changes in your dance attitude to get more connection, relaxation and fun.
You will start moving while dancing with different attitude and, as a couple, you can experience together what it feels in connection with each other. We'll take the time to discuss it.
In this way you not only become aware (head) of it, but you are also busy feeling and experiencing it from your body. This unique combination will often result in an actual change (transformation) that makes life a lot more enjoyable.


Group coaching 

Learn from each other

Under good supervision and a safe atmosphere, a dynamic is created during the group coaching, in which people learn from each other.

Fun and safety

Humor, fun, respect, safety and relaxation are of paramount importance to us during group coaching. In this way, everyone can and may adopt a vulnerable position, so that you can be open about what is going on inside you. Together with the participants of the group we will experiment with feeling, movement and dance. You experience the effect on you and the others. Think about how you interact with others. We share our experiences. You will also recognize these experiences in, for example, a work or private situation.


Kizomba Program

We start the day with a short group mediation to land in the environment where we are. But mostly to go inside yourself.
Then we do a short introduction through fun work forms.
Then we will playfully practice with boundaries, surrender, letting go and trust. Between all work forms, we take enough time to share experiences with each other.

We will also work with the basics of Kizomba dance. Then in couples we will experience what it does to you to have a leader or follower role. There will be regular partner and role changes.


Themes that will be addressed through this form of movement are:

  • leading and following,
  • control and letting go
  • surrender and trust
  • tuning in connection
  • feeling and intuition
  • setting boundaries,
  • moving with, taking and giving space

At the end of the day we will evaluate together. We take the time to anticipate your wishes and expectations for a possible sequel. We conclude the day with a small Kizomba party and a drink with delicious healthy snacks!

Relation Coaching with Kizomba

The way you connect with others can be compared to a dance. You react to each other's movements, complement each other and compensate each other when you make a mistake. You can imagine that if one gets out of step, the dance doesn't go so smoothly anymore. How you react to that says a lot.

Will you willingly let yourself be taken or will you dig your heels in and take over the lead? How you dance and connect provides insight into your own attachment style. You gain clarity why you keep running into the same things in a relationship or attract a certain kind of people  and situations into your life.
During this session you will work together with the basic principles of the Kizomba. While learning and dancing  very quickly (unconscious) patterns in your way of communicating become tangible and visible.


Do you want to organize a company outing? Or do you want to improve the mutual cooperation with your team and managers? Or perhaps a combination of a company outing and team building? We offer fun activities to increase mutual cooperation, social bonding, trust, group dynamics and efficiency within the team. The result is that the team gets back to work with pleasure and confidence!