Sound expression

Connection through Music, Sound (scales), Mantras and Voice Liberation.

Piano coaching 

Translating emotions and feelings into piano music!

Would you also like to express your state of mind in piano music?

Sometimes emotions are difficult to translate into words. How beautiful it is when you can express them through the piano. We teach you to connect with your feelings through the piano. To make this a little easier, we teach you a few basic principles to improvise. We do not read notes.


Singing Bowls Session

Singing bowls are a wonderful tool for connecting with the wisdom of the heart.

For thousands of years, sound has been used in the Himalayas for healing and meditation. When sound is used in a harmonious way, it heals. It balances the physical and energetic body. And when the body is balanced, the heart is filled with contentment.


Even if you sometimes don't know exactly what you are singing when singing a mantra, you always sing wise words. Mantras already carry their own power. A mantra is about the vibrations that the sounds produce. They affect your body and mind. If you assume that everything is energy and vibration, including us humans, then it is not a strange idea that the vibrations we produce by singing influence us. The vibrations that a mantra generates spread throughout your body. They flow to your heart, your liver, your kidneys; all organs are touched. Emotions stored in the body can also be vibrated loose and 'cleaned' by a mantra.

Voice liberation

Voice liberation is literally about liberating your voice. Often we shy away from our own sound, or we have all kinds of judgments about it. We want more, higher, harder, but at the same time we don't dare. Voice liberation helps you explore what your own sound is that fits your feeling of the moment, find out where your voice sounds or feels the best. And especially to feel when our voice is 'true'. When does our voice really say something about ourselves, about our desires, our joys, our pains, in short: about our soul?

Music is a language

that doesn' t speak

in words,

it speaks

in emotions