Wie is Annette? 

For me, teaching Pilates is about helping others

I am trained as a Pilates instructor in classic and contemporary Pilates. 

From a young age, I loved ballet and various forms of dance. About five years ago, I discovered Pilates, having a lot of back pain problems, Pilates helped me to recover completely and get a stronger body.

Two years ago, my dream came true when I moved to Andalusia, Spain, with my husband and two daughters. Under the beautiful Spanish sun, we built my very own Pilates studio.

Pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates, offers numerous benefits for your body, regardless of your fitness level. It improves posture, balance, flexibility, and strengthens the muscles of the abdominals, back, hips, and buttocks.

By attending my class, you will experience firsthand the transformative effects of Pilates on your body.