Who is Laura? 

"You can't always choose the music life plays for you, but you can choose how you dance to it"

Laura is an inspiring mother of a beautiful 15 year old daughter. Originally from enchanting Romania, she found her way to the Netherlands in 2018.

With a technical university education under her belt, she is down to earth and has a pragmatic attitude combined with a sharp and analytical mind.


What really sets Laura apart is her unexpected and wonderful focus on the human side of life, despite her technical background. She glows with happiness and fulfillment when she can work with others, and it gives her a great feeling when she can contribute to someone's happiness and joy. Her interest extends far beyond technology; she has a wide knowledge and an irrepressible curiosity about the spiritual aspect of life.

Laura is a model of perseverance; if she has set her mind to something, she will not rest until she achieves her goals. Tireless, she always finds a way to realize her wishes.


Through her love for Salsa and Kizomba she discovered  Art of Connection where she immediately felt the need to help achieve our goals. With her rich life and work experience, Laura excels in organizing wonderful retreats for Art of Connection. Her dedication and commitment are second to none, and we are very pleased with her  contribution to our team. Her friendship is like a ray of sunshine that illuminates our goals and warms our hearts.