Who is Suzanne?

"Understanding the other, from the connection with yourself  "

My name is Suzanne and I am a witch, healer and spiritual/horse coach.

12 years ago I started using horses as a mirror to teach people how to connect with the horse from the connection with yourself. From here you can dance together, connected by energy and body language. I still do this a few days a week at a care riding school, working with both children and adults.

A few years later I found this passion for working with horses in dancing. Here too you can enter into a beautiful energetic connection with the other in the same way. From your head completely sink into your body and forget everything for a while and completely immerse yourself in the now.


In addition to working with the horses, I have also followed many courses and training in the world of spirituality including healing, aromatherapy and stressology and a witch training. To me, being a witch is a way of life in which you live in connection with mother earth. I take all this with me during the sessions in my own practice where I can help people from a holistic view on several levels to find their own path again.