Kizomba in 1 Afternoon Sunday 31 March at 13:00 - 17:00h

Do you want to improve your Kizomba dance skills, but lack the time for weekly lessons? Do you already have some experience?

In this case, our Kizomba in 1 Afternoon Bootcamp is perfect for you!

The event focuses on enhancing your Kizomba dance skills, deepening connection, and experiencing joy!

Join us for a day filled with fun and learn from highly experienced Kizomba instructors. They will create an educational, enjoyable, and unforgettable atmosphere where you can improve yourself and develop new skills.


When: Sunday, March 31st, 2024. 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Level: Beginners 2 - Intermediate

Where: The Cube, Beyaertdreef 3, 3562 LG Utrecht

Why should you do it? 

Simply because it's fun and inspiring!

Learning Kizomba goes beyond just learning dance steps. It's a journey of connection, movement, enjoyment, emotions, connection with yourself, and others! Through fun and movement, you meet new people who share the same passion for dance!

You feel welcome, happy, free, connected, and safe during this day!

What is the agenda? 

  • Deepening Kizomba
  • Explanation of Kizomba, music, and rhythm

  • Musicality and interpretation

  • Dance posture

    • Various ways of connecting with your partner

    • Exploring leading, surrender, boundaries, and letting go

  • Learning different combinations

    • Playing with rhythm, delays, accelerations, leading, and following

    • Encouraging creativity with combinations

Short social dance session with a fun Kizomba playlist to practice everything learned together, while enjoying some refreshments and drinks


Additional skills that will be developed:

Throughout this day, various themes are touched upon, consciously or unconsciously, such as:

  • leading and following
  • control and letting go
  • surrender and trust
  • harmonizing in connection
  • emotion and intuition
  • setting boundaries
  • adapting, taking, and giving space

Your teachers / coaches

What are the costs

The ticket price is  35 euro 

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